About Cooler Communities Berkshires

The Cooler Communities Challenge is based on a model “Cooler Concord”, an event held in Concord, MA, in 2017, presented by the Concord Sustainable Energy Committee.

Its goals are to:

● Empower young people and celebrate their contributions related to energy efficiency, climate change, and environmental preservation and protection.

● Offer a new opportunity for teachers, students, parents, and community members to learn about climate, energy, and environmental topics, and devise hands-on actions within existing curriculum requirements that result in tangible outcomes community-wide.

● Lower our community’s energy use and expenses and our carbon footprint.

The Cooler Communities Challenge began in the fall of 2018 and has continued every year as we showcase students’ exhibits at the Berkshire Earth Expo. Now in its fourth year, Pittsfield Public Schools is running the program for all 8th graders, whose work will be exhibited in the Spring of 2022 at Berkshire Museum.


Living the Change Berkshires works at the local level to address climate change and climate justice by promoting sustainable living, energy efficiency, climate resilience, and environmental responsibility. We collaborate with individuals, grassroots groups, and organizations in our community to create opportunities for engagement and action.

Contact Living the Change at livingthechangeberkshires@gmail.com

Leadership team members:
Uli Nagel ulinagel@gmail.com
Judy Fox judye.fox@gmail.com
Anne Legene alegene@simons-rock.edu


For more information about school grants and the Cooler Communities program across Massachusetts, please visit here.