Welcome to Cooler Berkshires


The 5th Annual Berkshire Earth Expo held online at Berkshire Museum!

At a time when fires are raging across the American West and the South is flooded by record-breaking rain, the scope and speed of climate change can be overwhelming. 

For five years, the Berkshire Earth Expo has been a meeting place to learn about climate, energy and conservation related topics, to celebrate nature’s beauty, to take action and inspire each other through our care. 

This year, because of COVID-19 we collaborated with Berkshire Museum in holding the 5th Annual Berkshire Earth Expo online. The exhibit of student art, students' projects and workshops is still online here.

A wide variety of exhibits and interactive programs were presented: climate and nature-related work and art of Berkshire students, poetry readings, workshops and webinars on climate solutions as well as the Cooler Communities Challenge. This online platform and award program, sponsored by the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation, will allow all visitors to the site to take action, no matter their age, background or pocketbook.

Starting in the 2021/22 school year Pittsfield Public Schools will work on a Cooler Communities program across art, civics and science classes for a (hopefully) live Expo at Berkshire Museum.

Let’s channel our inspiration, concern and care into action and connection. Learning, listening and acting together helps make our community stronger.

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As a community we can achieve a lot. Join us to make a difference!